Plastic Tube Rolls and It’s Uses

Our custom plastic tube roll products designed for various applications include: furniture moving, mattress covers, and secure packaging. Plastic tube rolls have a wide range of practical applications in a variety of sectors and in everyday life. These cylindrical plastic containers serve as practical and cost-effective packaging solutions for a variety of commodities. They are especially excellent for protecting posters, documents, artwork, and fragile goods during transportation against dust, moisture, and damage.

They are essential in manufacturing and construction for storing and transporting large-scale blueprints, architectural plans, and engineering drawings, ensuring they remain safe and crease-free throughout transit. These tubes are also used by artists and craftsmen to organise their creative works such as drawings, paintings, and sketches.

Plastic rolls are useful in the medical and scientific fields as specimen containers for the safe storage and transportation of items such as blood vials, laboratory specimens and medical records. They are used as protective covers for young plants in horticulture and agriculture, insulating them from severe weather and pests.

The adaptability of plastic tube rolls makes them important for a wide range of uses, from packaging and storage to securing valuable things in a variety of sectors and industries. Because of their dependability and extensive use, they are a vital asset in the modern world.


plastic roll


Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Transparent, White, Black
Virgin, Smokey, Recycled, Black
25 micron - 400 micron
Up to 60kg per roll
Perforated, Micro Perforated, Bag-on-roll, Loose-bale, Double sealed, Punched
110mm wide up to 3m wide


Plastic Sheet Roll: Mattress Covers

Welcome to our premier destination for high-quality plastic tube rolls, plastic sheet rolls, and much more. We customise plastic rolls to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need a versatile tube-on-roll, intricate microperforation, or top-notch plastic tube roll packaging, we have you covered. 

Our dedicated team takes great pride in producing tailor-made tubing solutions, including premium plastic tubing, that are meticulously crafted for each individual order. This ensures that every product perfectly aligns with your precise specifications. With an extensive range of colours and materials available, including our exclusive in-house virgin plastic, we guarantee a comprehensive selection to meet all your needs. 

Whether you need layflat tubing for efficient packaging solutions, a durable plastic mattress cover to protect your bedding during storage or transportation, or a reliable furniture plastic cover for safeguarding your valuable pieces during relocation, our extensive selection of high-quality plastic sheets and materials ensures that we can meet all your specific requirements with precision and excellence.