Explore the Versatility of Polypropylene Bags by PXD Plastics

Polypropylene bags have revolutionised the packaging industry with their versatility and durability. Made from a highly resistant thermoplastic polymer, these bags are ideal for packaging various products. They come in a wide range of different packaging products such as double seals, loose-per-bale packaging, bag-on-roll packaging, punched bags, and microperforation for specific applications.

When choosing a plastic bag supplier, consider their reputation for producing high-quality bags, customisation options, production capabilities, and commitment to sustainability.

The advantages of polypropylene bags :

Polypropylene bags offer numerous advantages, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. To begin with, their high level of chemical resistance guarantees that they remain unaffected by acids and corrosive substances, making them an excellent choice for storing and transporting a wide range of products, including acidic materials and cleaning agents.

Secondly, their exceptional durability and resistance to tearing and puncturing ensure that they can withstand rigorous handling, protecting products during transit or storage.

Thirdly, polypropylene bags are water-resistant, providing great protection against moisture and humidity, making them ideal for packaging food, agricultural products, and other moisture-sensitive goods.

Furthermore, they are lightweight and flexible, which minimises transportation costs while also allowing for easy storage and handling. In addition, they may also be easily customised with a variety of printing options, resulting in them being a great branding and marketing tool for companies.

Besides that, polypropylene bags’ recyclable nature also contributes to environmental sustainability by supporting eco-friendly practises and minimising waste. Additionally, they offer a distinct benefit in terms of cost-effectiveness, as they are quite inexpensive when compared to other packaging materials, making them a cost-effective option for businesses and organisations alike.



Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Transparent, White, Black
Virgin, Smokey, Recycled, Black
25 micron - 400 micron
Perforated, Micro Perforated, bag-on-roll, loose-bale, double sealed, punched
110mm x 150mm up to 3m x 17m


Polypropylene bags and their durability and versatility 

Polypropylene Bags image

Polypropylene bags, also known as plastic bags,  have innovative uses in different industries. They are commonly used in the food industry to package fresh produce, frozen foods, and snacks. Plastic bags on a roll are convenient for many industries such as grocery stores or any place when a weighing machine is being used. The bag on a roll is made with transparent material and therefore allow the consumer to view contents easily. Roll are very versatile and are a must have for any work space or even in the home for food storage. In the industrial sector, they are used for packaging chemicals, fertilisers, and construction materials.

PXD Plastics is a leading plastic bag manufacturer offering a wide range of polypropylene bags, including printed carrier bags. They prioritise quality, customisation, and sustainability.

By embracing the versatility of polypropylene bags, you can enhance your packaging operations and contribute to a more sustainable future. Reach out to PXD Plastics to learn more about our plastic carrier bags and how we can help you.